Ashleigh Stonehouse

Massage Therapist

Melbourne Institute of Massage and Myotherapy

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Ashleigh completed her studies at the Melbourne Institute of Massage and Myotherapy.
She enjoyed the majority of her youth and young adult life as a basketball athlete, until long lasting knee injuries developed forcing a pivot in life. She went on to qualify as a Registered Nurse, working at the Alfred Hospital and various aged care facilities, where she began her coffee journey, slowly progressing her way to hard core status – Long Blacks.
She continued her studies, becoming a personal trainer and massage therapist, working in these areas for the last 4 years.
She couldn’t get enough of student life, so she signed up for Osteopathy at Victoria University, where she will be completing her 4th year.
Ashleigh has a true passion for helping people. She is a big believer that in order to truly make a difference or impact in one’s self-healing and health, one must take control of their own journey.

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