What is Pilates?

Pilates is a great way to improve flexibility, enhance posture and build strength. Pilates classes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. At our pilates Melton location; we use specific floor based exercises and spring resisted equipment to train the body’s deep postural and ‘core’ muscles.

Pilates classes are also beneficial for general health and fitness, and can be a rehabilitation tool for improving injuries. Balance, control and core strength can all be improved. Pilates can also be beneficial for pre and postnatal mothers.

When will Pilates classes start?

Pilates classes are already running at Western Region Health. However, before you can join us at our Pilates Melton location, you need to attend an introductory session.

An initial introductory session will be one-on-one with the instructor, and will be designed to familiarise you with the Pilates apparatus. During this class your ability and injuries will be assessed to allow our instructor to design a personalised program.

You will be ready to participate in group classes after your introductory class. 

Classes will run at varying times throughout each week day and Saturday mornings. Morning and evening classes will be available from our convenient Pilates Melton location.

How many people per class?

There will be a maximum of 4 people to one instructor per class. Pilates classes are kept small with a focus on individual needs being catered to.


The initial introductory one-one class will cost $85.00, which is booked and paid for at Reception at our Pilates Melton location. 

From there all classes are booked online through the PILATES BOOK NOW link on the ‘Home’ page of this website.

Packages available are as follows:

  • Single session – $45.00
  • 5 Session Pack – $200.00
  • 10 Session Pack – $375.00
  • 20 Session Pack – $665.00
  • *VIP Monthly membership – $146.00

** Please note you cannot book online until you have attended your initial introductory one on one session

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes are recommended?

You will get the most benefit from your body by attending 10 weekly classes. Posture, balance, core strength, general fitness and injury prevention will all be improved.
Pilates studies show that after 5 weeks you will see improvements in your strength, coordination and flexibility. At the completion of the 10 week program, others observe a noticeable difference in your posture and body shape.

What if I can't attend a class?

With our online booking system it gives all our clients the option to book a time that best suits you. If you find you can’t make a class you have previously scheduled, log in to the website and remove yourself from the class and find another, it’s as simple as that!

Please remember a minimum of 7hrs notice is required when cancelling a class or you will forfeit that class.

How do I claim private health insurance rebates?

To claim with private health insurance rebates please proceed to reception after your Pilates class.

Receipt claims can only be processed once a class is attended/completed.

What if I want to attend a private class?

One-one private classes will run at a cost of $80 per class and are programmed at various times throughout the week.

Once your practitioner feels you are experienced enough, there will also be an opportunity for you to attend unsupervised/ open-gym sessions at the cost of $18 per hour.

Bookings for these sessions can be made via the BOOK PILATES NOW link in the Bookings tab on this page

*Terms and conditions apply for the VIP Monthly membership. The membership is a minimum monthly contract of 6 months. Further information can be found via our MindBody site (The ‘BOOK NOW’ link) or please contact the clinic on 9747 0077 if you have any further questions.


Our Osteopaths Jade Harries, Tegan Smith, Matthew Jakovljevic, Jack Williams, Camille Powell, Monica Zaksek and Shona Hunt (currently on maternity leave) will be instructing individuals and Pilates classes. All of our instructors have received specific Clinical Pilates training, as well as being Osteopaths at Western Region Osteopathy for many years.


Booking your initial introductory one on one session can be done with our Reception staff at our Pilates Melton location, on 9747 0077. Once you have completed your one on one session then you can then book your classes online via the ‘Home’ page on this website.

How to book online

  • If you are new to our site enter your name and surname in the ‘’new to our site’’. You are about to create your online profile. 
    • New patients will need to enter their contact details and login details. Then press the “create account” button. Please remember your username and password. You will require these for future bookings.
    • Returning customers can enter their username and password in the “been here before” section.
  • On the top right hand side there are 3 tabs (classes, my info and online store). Click the “online store” button to purchase classes. Select “class type” in the drop down box.
  • You can choose how many classes you want to purchase (single session, 5 classes, 10 classes, 20 classes or our VIP program). Select class by clicking on “class type”. Please note that all classes have an expiry date in which classes must be used by.
  • Press the “checkout” button once happy with your selection.
  • Enter your credit card/debit card details to purchase and proceed to checkout. Press the “place order” button to complete purchase.
  • Click the “Classes” button to view the schedule of classes. This is where you can decide what classes you would like to attend.
  • Click “make a reservation” either by selecting a single class or booking a weekly reoccurring Pilates class. 
  • In the info section you will be able to view your schedule and cancel your classes. Please note you have 7 hours to cancel or reschedule class if you are unable to attend, or you unfortunately receive a ‘late cancel’ and forfeit that class

Helpful information for your Pilates bookings:

  • You can log in to your account at any time to manage your own bookings in Pilates.
  • You can download the mindbody connect app on your smartphone to manage your Pilates schedule.
  • Please be mindful of the expiry date on your classes, and the 7 hour cancellation policy.
  • If you select a reoccurring class you still have the option of changing class times if you are unable to make a class due to other commitments, simply cancel the class you can’t attend and select another class.
  • It is recommended you be proactive and book the class you wish to attend as soon as possible, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that if you have attended the same class and time that this class will be available.
  • We strongly suggest that you book early to avoid disappointment.
  • You must attend a one on one introductory session with an Osteopath/Pilates Instructor before you attend your first class.  Please call the clinic on 9747 0077 to make this appointment, this is not done online.