Evolt 360 in Melton & Bacchus Marsh

What is Evolt 360 Body Scanner?

The 360 Evolt scanner is a body composition scanner that provides you with more than 40 detailed measurements to help you track your progress. It does this by passing a safe, low intensity electrical current through your hands and feet. The current works by determining the difference between muscle mass, fat mass, water and minerals, making it far more superior than the generic BMI measurement, which we know is out dated and does not take into consideration incredibly important factors for individual measurements. All readings are specific to an individual, allowing trainers and clients to better track their progress.  

The scan takes just 60 seconds, is non-invasive, and you only need to remove your shoes and socks.   

We would recommend that patients who are wanting to get scanned download the Evolt active App which they can then assess and view their results from their phone, making it more accessible to our patients. There will also be an option for patients to receive a printed copy of their results.

Who should get an Evolt scan?

Anyone who is interested in knowing and wanting to understand a detailed breakdown of what they are made up of should be scanned. It is a great way to stay accountable, track your progress and stay on track with your goals. You do not have to be a body builder or even a gym junkie to get scanned.  

We recommend that you do not get scanned if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, due to the use of the electrical pulse to gain measurements. Even if you have significant metal implants, the scan is safe. However, results will vary due to the way measurements are gained. If you do have any implants, it is important to remember that the objects will be interpreted as body fat tissue.

Read more about Evolt 360 body scanner here.

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