Amanda Chandler

Amanda Chandler

Osteopath - intern

Intern Osteopath

Amanda will be graduating from Victoria University in the middle 2020 with a Bachelor and Masters degree in osteopathy. Amanda joined the WRH team as an intern in early 2020 however, began her journey at WRH in 2016 as a receptionist.

Amanda has a passion in movement and has completed further studies in Clinical Pilates and has been taking Pilates classes since early 2019 and has had numerous years of experience as a sports trainer at her local football and netball clubs. Amanda is always looking to further develop and grow her skill set so you will find she is always learning something new.

Amanda believes in a team-based approach to managing her patients where each management plan is tailored to the individual. Amanda’s passion comes from her eagerness to understand and manage the source of the problem and her determination to help people return to the activities that are important to them. Amanda believes the best way to do this by empowering her patients with the use of education, support and passion.

Outside of WRH, Amanda enjoys staying active at the gym or by walking her dog and you will often find her cooking up a storm or enjoying a coffee with at a local café with her friends and family.

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