General | April 7, 2022

Pain In Children: Will It ‘Sort Itself Out?’

Dr Amanda Chandler-OSTEOPATH-B.SC(Clin), M.H.S(Osteo), Member of Osteopathy Australia

Like anyone, children can become susceptible to joint and muscular injuries, causing them to experience pain and discomfort. Often this is noticed by the parent or another adult such as a sporting coach or teacher. As kids tend to be quite resilient, it can be difficult to know whether it is something that will ‘sort itself out’, or whether it requires further attention and assessment. 

There are many conditions that can cause pain in children, some of which are exclusive to the childhood population. Sometimes it can be as simple as a sprain or strain, and other times it can be a little more complicated or serious than that. In my opinion, it is best not to get caught out by the ‘it’ll sort itself out’ mentality, as some conditions need to be managed early to prevent the condition from progressing. An assessment by an osteopath can be a great place to start when a child mentions a sore back, hip, knee etc.

The role of the osteopath will be to discuss the history of the pain and perform an examination to determine a diagnosis. From here, the osteopath will be able to apply the appropriate treatment, or refer for further investigation where necessary. When appropriate, the osteopath may perform various manual techniques, including soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation, as well as provide advice to the child and guardian on what can be done outside of the treatment room.  

With that being said, if you are unsure about whether your child needs further assessment, start by booking the initial appointment with an osteopath. They will discuss the situation with you further, including the best immediate course of action.