General | October 25, 2022

Western Region Health Physio – Osteopath & Neck Pain Physio in Melton

Are you suffering from persistent neck pain in Melton?

Do you feel stiffness in your neck, tingling or numbness in your arms, or even fainting or dizziness when you move your neck? Then you can benefit from a visit with our osteopath or neck physio in Melton. Book Now

What causes neck pain?

Many people experience neck pain due to their posture when sitting all day at their computer. Others experience neck pain due to whiplash injuries, impacts during contact sports or injuries from a fall. Arthritis, stress and tension can also lead to neck pain but sometimes there’s no definitive cause.

Early intervention and treatment by our osteopath or back pain physio in Melton can help resolve postural issues, heal injuries and prevent degenerative conditions from escalating.

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Two main types of neck pain

The majority of neck pain is felt on one or both sides of the neck and can radiate into the shoulders. There’s rarely any tingling, numbness or loss of strength and it may be accompanied by headaches.

Then there are pinched nerves that produce pain in the neck and often radiate down the arm and sometimes into the hand and fingers, depending on which nerve is pinched.

This latter type of nerve compression is often due to degenerative changes in the neck and may include pins and needles or numbness. Without treatment, pinched nerves tend to become worse unless the cause is identified and treated.

How can our osteopath or neck pain physio in Melton help you?

The priority for our osteopath or neck pain physio in Melton is to establish the cause of your neck pain. They may ask to view any recent x-rays or MRIs or request that these are performed to aid with a diagnosis. They will also ask about your daily activities, medical history and whether you have experienced any recent injuries.

With an accurate diagnosis, your osteopath or neck physio develops a treatment plan designed to lessen your pain and provide optimum support and stability in your neck. Book Now

Treatments used by our neck physio in Melton

Our neck physio in Melton designs a treatment plan that may include a variety of
therapies to help resolve your neck pain, as follows.

– Mobility and rehab exercises.
– Passive and active stretching.
– Activity modification.
– Soft tissue hands-on treatments.
– Deep tissue massage.
– Postural advice.
– Isometrics.

Treatments used by our osteopath for neck pain in Melton

Our osteopath focuses more on manual adjustments to heal your neck pain (joint manipulation, taping, dry needling, massage and stretching ) whilst our physio focuses more on exercise therapy. If you need help deciding which therapist is best for your situation, just call us on 03 9747 0077 for a chat or Book Now.