General | August 4, 2023

Unlocking Your Surgery Success: The Power Of Osteopathic Prehabilitation 

Dr Phillip Audley-OSTEOPATH-Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) – RMIT

Preparing for surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience, but did you know that a well-planned pre-operative phase, called ‘prehab,’ can significantly improve your surgical outcomes? Osteopaths play a vital role in this process, guiding you through the journey to better prepare your body for the procedure. Let’s explore the importance of pre-operative management and how osteopaths can make a positive difference. 

Understanding the Significance of Pre-operative Management:  

Pre-operative management involves getting your body in the best possible shape before surgery. It’s not just about the operation day but everything leading up to it. Osteopaths work closely with you, assessing your unique needs and creating a personalized prehabilitation plan. This plan aims to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and reduce anxiety, all of which contribute to better surgical outcomes. 

What is ‘Prehab,’ and How Osteopaths Contribute: 

‘Prehab’ is like training for a marathon; it prepares your body for the big event. Osteopaths are experts in optimizing your physical health before surgery. They will guide you through exercises and techniques tailored to your condition, ensuring you’re in the best shape possible. Osteopaths are your prehabilitation coaches, supporting you every step of the way. 

The Benefits of Prehabilitation for Surgical Patients:  

Studies show that prehabilitation can work wonders for surgical patients. It enhances muscle strength, making your recovery faster and smoother. Increased flexibility can also reduce the risk of complications. Prehabilitation can even ease your anxiety and boost your overall well-being, helping you approach surgery with confidence. 

Collaborative Care: Osteopaths and Surgical Teams Unite:  

Osteopaths work hand-in-hand with surgical teams to create a seamless patient experience. This collaboration ensures that your prehabilitation plan compliments the surgery’s objectives. By combining their expertise, osteopaths and surgical teams maximize your chances of a successful and swift recovery. 

Personalized Prehabilitation Programs:  

One size does not fit all! Osteopaths understand that every patient is unique. Your prehabilitation program will be tailored to your specific needs and medical condition. Whether it’s strengthening exercises, flexibility routines, or relaxation techniques, your osteopath will design a plan just for you. 

Easing Pre-operative Anxiety through Osteopathic Care:  

It’s normal to feel anxious before surgery, but osteopaths are here to help. Not only will they address your physical well-being, but they’ll also provide support and reassurance during this crucial phase. By alleviating your anxiety, you can focus on feeling confident and ready for the operation. 

Ready to embark on your prehabilitation journey? Take the first step toward successful surgery and a smoother recovery. Book your prehab consultation with our skilled osteopaths here at Western Region Health in Melton and Bacchus Marsh. Our caring team is dedicated to supporting you on this important path, ensuring you are in the best shape for your upcoming procedure.  

Don’t wait; let’s make your surgery a success together!


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