General | November 2, 2021

The Importance Of Wearing A Proper Fitted Bra!

Dr Kelly Coppola (Dulic)-OSTEOPATH | SENIOR OSTEOPATH-Double Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy)

One thing that most women hate to do is buy a new bra! There are so many factors to consider, such as cup size, colour, push-up, padding, underwire etc. Thankfully, there are trained professionals to help us make these decisions a little easier (except during lockdown of course where shops were closed and we were left on our own with online shopping!).

Not only do we want to look good in our bras, we want to make sure they are a perfect fit. This isn’t just because of how they look under our clothes, but also because of how a poor fit can lead to muscle aches and pains! This is particularly important for the ladies with a larger cup size.

If your bra size is too big for your breasts you will not have the appropriate support. As a result, the shoulder straps are adjusted too tight. This then leads to pressure on your shoulder muscles (trapezius), and therefore creates neck pain and can even cause headaches! For women who are bigger busted, this then encourages you to slouch forward from all the weight.

On the contrary, if your bra is too small then this comes with its own set of issues. This can lead to skin abrasions, restricted breathing and scar tissue in the breasts from underwire that is too small!

So with that being said, the days of ill-fitting bras are over and now that shops are opening again, we can rush to our favourite bra shops and get a professional to assist us in the fitting process to avoid unnecessary aches and pains.