General | March 24, 2022

Radial Shockwave Therapy

Dr Jarryd Barrett-OSTEOPATH-B.S(clin), M.H.S(osteo), Member of Osteopathy Australia

One of the treatment modalities we use at Western Region Health and Osteopathy is Radial Shockwave Therapy (RST). Shockwave therapy involves the use of a handheld device that is applied to the area of injury, and radial shockwaves are then passed through that area of the body. Originally, Shockwave therapy was used in urology for the treatment of kidney stones. However, it was found to have a therapeutic effect on the musculoskeletal system which began its involvement in allied health, sports medicine and orthopaedics.


· Plantar fasciitis

· Heel spurs

· Tennis and golfer’s elbow

· Trigger points in muscles

· Osgood Schlatter disease

· Tendinopathies

· Chronic pain

· Shin splints


· Increases circulation: improved supply of oxygen and nutrients to increase healing.

· Reversal of chronic inflammation: Restoring the body’s normal healing processes.

· Stimulation of collagen production: Healing injured tissue and making it stronger.

· Reduces substance P: Pain relief from reducing the concentration of this pain mediating chemical from the injury site.


· Treatment over air filled tissue

· Pregnancy

· Treatment of pre-ruptured tendons

· Treatment under the age of 18, except for treatment of Osgood Schlatter disease

· Treatment of those with blood clotting disorders

· Treatment of tissue with local tumours or infections

· Treatment of patients who have recently had cortisone injections


Radial Shockwave therapy when used in the correct setting and manner provides a great modality for treating those conditions listed above. The risks of potential complications are low when used in a correct and safe manner, and the benefits of the treatment can allow for a quicker recovery time. Clinical studies have shown that treatment with Radial Shockwave therapy along with exercise rehabilitation has a far better result than exercise rehabilitation alone.

Radial Shockwave therapy can also be used, where suited, as an alternative to corticosteroid injections and surgery, and has far less risks associated. Better yet, Shockwave therapy is safe to use immediately prior to exercising. So, if you have that little niggle that is hindering your sporting ability, feel free to talk to your osteo about the use of it prior to a match/competition. If you feel like Radial Shockwave therapy is something that can help you, please contact the clinic on 9747 0077, and our staff would be happy to answer any questions.


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