General | May 5, 2023

Pregnancy Postural Considerations

Dr Melita Azarcon-OSTEOPATH

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes to accommodate the growing fetus. As the baby develops, the mother’s centre of gravity shifts forward, causing the body to compensate by altering posture. These changes can put a strain on the musculoskeletal system, resulting in pain and discomfort. Postural considerations during pregnancy are essential to help manage these symptoms and improve overall health. 

Osteopathy is a natural, non-invasive treatment that can be particularly beneficial for pregnant women. Osteopaths are trained to identify and correct any musculoskeletal imbalances, which may have a significant impact on a woman’s posture during pregnancy. By reducing tension and pressure on the body, osteopathy can alleviate pain and discomfort, and even help to prevent complications such as back pain, sciatica, and pelvic pain. 

Furthermore, osteopathy can also promote relaxation, improve circulation, and optimize nervous system function, which can benefit both the mother and the baby. Regular osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can also help prepare the body for childbirth, and aid in the recovery process after delivery. 

Postural considerations during pregnancy are crucial for maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Osteopathy can be a valuable treatment option for pregnant women, offering a safe and effective way to manage musculoskeletal imbalances and reduce discomfort during pregnancy. If you are pregnant and experiencing pain or discomfort, give us a call at Western Region Health on (03) 9747 0077 for our Melton clinic, or (03) 5367 0400 for Bacchus Marsh to book in a consultation with one of our osteopaths. 


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