General | November 7, 2022

Our basketball physio in Melton helps treat & prevent injuries

Basketball is a great way to remain fit and enjoy a popular sport but it doesn’t come without its own set of injuries. Our basketball physio in Melton is certainly kept busy treating injuries but can also help prevent them from occurring in the first place.

So here’s a list of five common injuries treated by our sports injury physio and what you can do to avoid them next time you play.

1. Ankle injuries

One of the most frequent sports injuries seen by our Melton physio is sprained ankles and it’s also one of the most recurring injuries. The best way to prevent this injury is to wear footwear that’s designed for basketballers and use ankle braces to support your ankle muscles.

2. Knee injuries

Knee injuries aren’t as frequent as ankle injuries in basketball but they can still be a problem that keeps you out of the game. Your best defence is to visit our basketball physio in Melton who designs exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your knee.

3. Wrist injuries

Thumb and wrist sprains are quite common in basketball either due to overuse or injury during a game. Our sports injury physio helps to increase the flexibility and strength in your wrists which should reduce the risk of these injuries happening again.

4. Finger injuries

Jammed fingers occur when the ball bounces off the tip of your finger with the backward pressure causing the joints to swell. The only way to prevent this injury is to keep your eye on the ball!

5. Facial injuries

With so many arms and elbows up in the air trying to catch the ball it’s no surprise that facial injuries and broken noses are a frequent problem for basketball players. The best form of prevention is to wear protective face masks to avoid these injuries.

Our Melton physio is an expert in treating and preventing sports injuries, particularly basketball injuries. With our help, you’ll get back in the game and be injury-free ASAP. Book Now