General | March 3, 2022

Maintenance Care: Is It For Me?

Dr Jarryd Crisp-OSTEOPATH-Double Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Many of us have thought of this at one stage or another. Should I be coming in for a maintenance treatment just to keep the body moving? Obviously, COVID-19 has made this extremely difficult, and for a long period the choice has basically been taken out of our hands. However, as we continue to return back to normal routine, this question will once again become relevant.  

There are a number of reasons that may cause some hesitancy in answering yes to this question. These include: 

  • Financial stress.
  • Availability due to work and family commitments.
  • The absence of pain, or generally feeling quite good!  

I’m not here to lecture you, or say that you need to come in every week or second week for a treatment, regardless of the underlying complaint. However, there are a number of factors that can contribute to needing ongoing care, including: 

  • Aggravating factors of the condition? Work, sport, etc. 
  • Healing time of the condition.
  • Age and general health. Are there any underlying health conditions which may be delaying healing, or contributing to the pain? 
  • Reduced functional capacity. Is my pain interfering with my life? Am I able to lift my 5 year old? Can I breastfeed my newborn without back pain? Will I be fit for the upcoming footy game on the weekend?

This is where it becomes important. Am I physically unable to do what I love? Am I unable to work and take care of my family? These are important questions to answer! 

These days, we are all busy! Whether it be work, family or sport commitments, there are a number of things that can contribute to ongoing aches and pains. Also, everyone is different! We all have our daily routines and commitments. Whether it be a 40 year old bricklayer, or a single mum looking after 4 kids. 

By touching base with your osteopath, this helps keep the body moving, and may help you manage any minor aches or pains that could be affecting your daily routine. Your osteopath may also be able to give you some advice regarding pain management, including strategies to help reduce flare-ups, allowing you to tackle your week in a much better physical state. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly osteopaths at the clinic on 9747 0077.