General | October 25, 2022

Looking for knee physiotherapy near me?

Have you been searching Google for knee physiotherapy near me? Well, look no longer because if you live in or around Melton, we have an excellent sports injury physio who specialises in knee injuries.

Have you suffered from any of the five most common types of sports knee injuries?

1. ACL Tears

Running diagonally across the front of the knee, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) provides stability to your knee. Pivoting, twisting or not landing properly from a jump can injure or tear the ACL.

2. Meniscus tears

The meniscus is a thick piece of rubbery cartilage that acts like a shock absorber between the thighbone and shinbone. Pivoting and twisting can tear the meniscus along with your ACL.

3. Kneecap injuries

Often due to the kneecap rubbing against the thighbone, injuries can be caused by an increased level of activity, such as taking up a sport after a few months of rest.

4. Jumper’s knee

The patellar tendon sits beneath your kneecap and as with kneecap injuries, can be injured by an increased level of activity, such as frequent jumping on hard surfaces.

5. Runner’s knee

This occurs when you repeatedly bend and straighten your leg putting pressure on your kneecap and it’s a common cause of pain and injury in runners and other athletes.

Sports physio in Melton

With a special interest in knee injury prevention and treatment, our sports physio in Melton develops a treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs, Our physio helps you recover safely and quickly, so you can get back to the game you love. Treatment depends on the type of injury but will initially focus on reducing pain and inflammation, followed by muscle-strengthening exercises to protect your knee from further injuries.

If you’re searching for knee physiotherapy near me – then why not give our experienced sports injury physio a call in Melton? Book Now