General | May 17, 2021


By Dr Jarryd Barrett- OSTEOPATH- B.S(clin), M.H.S(osteo), M.A.O.A

Autumn has well and truly hit! The evenings are dark and the temperature in the morning is getting cooler. For some, it is just the general seasonal transition and the ending of daylight savings. For others, it is the beginning of the return of local competitive sporting competitions. Basketball has been back for a while, whilst football, netball and soccer are just a few weeks in.

However, returning to local sport this season will be a different experience to what most of us have had in the past. After the horror year of 2020 and the cancellation of most organized sporting competitions across Victoria, it means that a lot of local sportspeople haven’t played a competitive match for over 18 months. To tie in with this, the pre-season preparation has also been slightly different to usual. It has been shorter in duration, and training in smaller organized groups to align with social distancing guidelines has lead to a preparation we all haven’t been used to previously.

The shorter pre-season isn’t the only factor that can cause problems leading into the start of the season. Change of and new/re-introduction of sports specific footwear, returning back to the gym, the unpredictability of match like simulation can all play a factor in causing some niggles and injuries that aren’t wanted at the beginning of the season, particularly after a long time out.

After a year off, and returning to high intensity exercises, there are a few types of injuries that can occur. These can include muscle strains, sprained ankles, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. When we have had such a long time out, the last thing we want is one of these to keep us out of action for a few weeks, potentially longer.

With the local competitions being a few weeks into the season, now is the time to start getting on top of those niggly aches and pains early to keep yourselves on the park. We have all missed out on sport last year, and we want to make the most of the season that lies ahead. Here are a few ways that we can help get you ready for the season ahead:

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