General | July 28, 2023

‘From Giggles And Sprains To Gold Medals: Your Champions’ Journey With Western Region Health’

Dr Jade Harries-OSTEOPATH | OWNER & DIRECTOR-B.Sci (Clin Sci), MHS (Osteopathy) – Member Osteopathy Australia

Welcome to Western Region Health! Nestled in the heart of Melton and Bacchus Marsh, our clinic is a playground for healthcare- a place where every budding athlete finds their cheering squad. Whether your child is stepping into their first sports shoes or sprinting towards becoming the state’s top Little Athlete, we’re here to guide them every step of the way.

We’re a vibrant team of dedicated professionals passionate about helping your child reach their full athletic potential. With a unique combination of healthcare specialties, our clinic provides a collaborative and integrated approach to managing the health and sports performance of young athletes. Our team includes skilled osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage, rehabilitation, and Pilates experts who work together to ensure a holistic and personalised care plan for each athlete.

Our mission? To transform healthcare from something daunting to delightful, ensuring every child’s journey is sprinkled with giggles, high-fives, and a whole lot of learning. But make no mistake, while we’ve got our fun game on, we also bring to the table a wealth of professional expertise, honed by years of experience and our commitment to athletic excellence.

Dr Jarryd Barrett, one of our stellar osteopaths, was a former Little Athletics state competitor for 11 long years! His journey from an enthusiastic young sprinter to a dedicated osteopath provides a unique touch to our clinic. Every athlete who walks through our doors benefits from his personal understanding of their experiences, on and off the field.

At Western Region Health, we don’t just focus on treating injuries; we champion the cause of prevention, education, and performance optimisation. We equip our young athletes with knowledge- from the right running technique to the best pre-race preparations, we’ve got it covered!

We’re excited to have partnered with the Melton Little Athletics Club for the 2023 season. A thrilling venture that allows us to extend our services to these wonderful young athletes, nurturing their talents and fostering a love for a healthy, athletic lifestyle. From educational workshops to providing supportive healthcare, we’re excited to play our part in shaping tomorrow’s champions.

Treating some of the state’s top Little Athletics performers, our commitment remains steadfast- every child that steps onto the field is a champion in our eyes. Regardless of their skill level, we’re here to support their sporting journey, making sure they stay healthy, motivated, and in love with their sport.

So, whether it’s a sprain or a sprint, a giggle or a gold medal, we invite you to join us at Western Region Health, where every child gets to be part of a winning team. We are more than just a clinic- we are a community dedicated to fostering a love for athletics and nurturing the next generation of champions. We’re not just about treating injuries; we’re about celebrating victories, picking up spirits after a fall, and helping your child find joy in their sport. We are excited to be part of your child’s athletic journey and look forward to seeing them grow stronger, faster, and happier in their pursuit of track and field athletics.

Come and meet us at Western Region Health- where little athletes find big support!