General | November 11, 2022

Can a physio near me help heal my frozen shoulder?

If you’ve been searching Google for a shoulder physio near me, then it’s time to call the expert team at Western Region Health and start fixing your frozen shoulder. Suffering in silence shouldn’t be an option, not when our musculoskeletal physio in Melton can help relieve the pain and bring back functionality to your shoulder.

What is a frozen shoulder?

A frozen shoulder can be a painful condition that’s also frustrating because you gradually lose function in your shoulder. This prevents you from performing some of the most basic actions such as brushing your hair or scratching your back!

It’s not as common as you might think because only around 2% to 5% of people suffer from a frozen shoulder. That doesn’t take anything away from the pain and angst you feel when it’s your shoulder that’s frozen.

The medical term for a frozen shoulder is adhesive capsulitis. It occurs when the capsule that surrounds your shoulder joint becomes inflamed resulting in fibrous adhesions that shrink and thicken, limiting the movement of your shoulder. It’s often confused with a rotator cuff injury which requires different treatment, so it’s important that you get the correct diagnosis.

How can our musculoskeletal physio in Melton help?

Our musculoskeletal physio in Melton makes a thorough examination of your shoulder to determine if you’re suffering from a frozen shoulder or rotator cuff injury and if it’s stage 1, 2 or 3. That’s because each of these stages requires a different treatment ranging from pain relief and corticosteroid injections to massage or mobilisation and strengthening exercises.

At Western Region Health, we’ve experienced a great deal of success in treating frozen shoulders and speeding up the healing process. So if you’re fed up with suffering in silence, forget about searching Google for a shoulder physio near me and instead, call our skilled musculoskeletal physio in Melton for a consultation. Book Now