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Celebrating 21 Years of Excellence in Healthcare

Welcome to Western Region Health, where our journey of 21 years has been marked by relentless dedication, growth, and the privilege of serving over 40,000 patients. Our story is not just about numbers but about the countless individual journeys toward health and wellness that we’ve been a part of.

Our Legacy

A Tradition of Care

Discover the roots of our commitment to healthcare in the western region, from our humble beginnings in Melton in 2003 to our expansion into Bacchus Marsh in 2005. Our growth is a testament to our core values and the trust placed in us by our community.

40,000 Reasons to Celebrate

Each patient’s journey adds to our story, contributing to our legacy of over 40,000 success stories. Your trust and support have been the cornerstone of our journey, inspiring us to continue our mission of providing exceptional healthcare.

Our Present

Australia’s Largest Osteopathic Clinic

We take pride in being the largest Osteopathic-focused clinic in Australia, a milestone that underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and expert care. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to supporting your health and wellness journey with personalized care

Your Health, Our Priority

Learn about the diverse range of services we offer, all under one roof. From osteopathy to Pilates, massage, and physiotherapy, our goal is to cater to your unique health needs, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being.

Our Future

Expanding Horizons

Get a glimpse into the future of Western Region Health with our upcoming state-of-the-art facility. Spanning 4.5 blocks, this new center will feature 27 consultation rooms, specialist suites, a modern gym and Pilates space, a nutrition bar, and more, all designed to enhance your healthcare experience.

Join Us on the Journey

Be a part of our vision to achieve 1 million consultations over the next 21 years. This ambitious goal is driven by our founder, Dr. Jade Scott’s, desire to have a real impact on as many lives as possible. Whether through WRH or our leadership and development courses for healthcare practitioners, we’re committed to shaping the health and well-being of Australians.

Behind All of This is Our People

At the heart of Western Region Health’s story is our incredible team, our vibrant community, and our visionary founder, Dr. Jade Scott. It’s the dedication, expertise, and compassion of our people that truly make us who we are.

Our Team

Our team of healthcare professionals is more than just staff; they’re a family united by a common goal: to provide the best possible care for our patients. From our administrative staff to our world-class practitioners, each member plays a crucial role in your health journey. Their commitment to ongoing learning and development ensures that we stay at the forefront of healthcare excellence.

Our Community

You, our patients, are the reason we strive for excellence every day. The stories of over 40,000 individuals have woven the fabric of our clinic’s history, each one unique and inspiring. Our community’s trust and support fuel our passion for making a difference in healthcare and motivate us to continue innovating and expanding our services.

Our Founder – Dr. Jade Scott

Behind our achievements and vision is Dr. Jade Scott, whose leadership and dedication to health and well-being have shaped Western Region Health into what it is today. Dr. Jade’s commitment to having a meaningful impact on as many lives as possible drives our clinic’s expansion and our mission to reach 1 million consultations. His philosophy of care extends beyond the clinic, influencing healthcare practices and empowering other healthcare professionals through leadership and development courses.

Together, our team, community, and founder are the pillars of Western Region Health. We’re united in our mission to provide exceptional healthcare and to inspire and support each individual’s journey toward optimal health and well-being. Join us as we continue to build a healthier, brighter future for all.

Your Part in Our Story

Share Your Story

Your journey is a pivotal part of our history. We invite you to share your experiences with us, contributing to the rich tapestry of our community’s health and wellness stories.

Choose Western Region Health

Join us on your journey to optimal health and well-being. Experience the unparalleled care that has made us the first choice in healthcare for the local community. Find out more about our history, our future, and the message from our founders.

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