Dr Cherie Holland

Dr Cherie Holland


B.App.Sc(CompMed), MOsteo, MHA

Cherie joined the WRH team in 2013 after working in Newcastle and Albury.

Cherie has been a MIT of Polestar Pilates since 2015 after completing a Diploma of Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation and regularly assists with course weekends, check offs and examination preparation for students.

With a strong focus in paediatrics and women’s health; Cherie enjoys treating a wide range of aches and pains. Her love for Osteopathy began as a child due to her own inability to sit still and resulting injuries. Thus Cherie understands the effect an active childhood can have on your body.

Addition to clinically treating as an Osteopath; Cherie is the Partnerships Officer currently responsible for coordinating and supporting the efforts to improve the service delivery of health care to the communities of the Grampians region through greater collaboration and partnerships.

Cherie is available alternating Tuesdays for all those pesky little niggles.

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