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Jade Harries
B.App.Sc (Clin) M.H.S (Osteo) M.A.O.A

Jade Harries

Jade graduated from Victoria University with Masters degree, after completing a two year research project into the treatment of asthmatic patients. A severe asthmatic herself, she knows what it is like to suffer from the condition, and the symptoms that go along with it. Her investigation was completed and published in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.

Originally from Bendigo, Jade moved to Melbourne as a child, and has lived in Essendon most of her life. Her interests in Osteopathy began at an early age after a knee injury prevented her from continuing her netball career. Although she never made a name for herself in the sport, she is gracious for the injury, as a treatment with an Osteopath introduced her to her current profession.

Jade opened her own Clinic in Melton 14 years ago and with growing success, opened a second Clinic in Bacchus Marsh in 2006.

She now has six Osteopaths and a Remedial Massage Therapist working alongside her over both sites. Jade also lectures at Victoria University and the Sports Medicine Clinic.

Jade has a keen interest in women’s health issues and Paediatric care. These include problems, such a pain caused by pregnancy and childbirth, as well and the treatment and assessment of young children. After having worked with nearby football clubs over the years, Jade also has a keen interest in the prevention and management of sporting injuries.

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Shona Hunt
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Shona Hunt

Shona graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Masters of Osteopathy. Whilst completing her studies Shona worked as a sports trainer at Melton South Football and Netball Club and as a Remedial Massage Therapist in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Shona has been working as an Osteopath at Western Region Osteopathy since 2009.

Shona is a passionate and dedicated Osteopath who enjoys treating patients of all ages. Shona has a particular interest in treating babies, children, pregnant women and people who are interested in exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Shona encourages patients to take an active role in their own health by providing exercise and dietary advice when necessary.

Outside of work, Shona enjoys spending time with her partner, family and friends as well as running, water skiing and snowboarding.

Michael Mannix
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Michael Mannix

Michael studied Osteopathy at Victoria University where he obtained his qualifications. Michael has been involved in many sports including football, basketball and swimming which are where he was first exposed to osteopathy and his passion has grown from since. As a current local footballer he is still exposed to many injuries involving his team mates (and hopefully not his own), including both acute and chronic problems, as well as the rehabilitation of these grievances.

Aside from sporting mishaps Michael enjoys treating chronic, long standing problems where he can provide relief to those who have struggled for extended periods of time. Additionally he has a keen interest in neck pain and associated headaches. Above all Michael feels that communication between practitioner and patient is imperative and goes a long way to helping ease the patients’ pain and increase their understanding.

Eressea Cross
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Eressea Cross

Eressea graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science(Complementary Medicine) and a Masters of Osteopathy. Prior to this, she completed a Certificate IV in Massage and worked as a Massage Therapist across Melbourne and within a local footy club.

Eressea has worked as an Osteopath in Whittlesea and in Canterbury, treating a wide range of patients, from all ages and with various injuries.

Eressea is an extremely passionate and enthusiastic Osteopath. She treats every patient as an individual, tailoring specific individual treatment and management plans. Eressea loves the diverse range of techniques that Osteopathy has to offer and always aims to treat the body as a whole working unit, rather than just focusing on the pain. She uses this approach during treatment to address the underlying causes of the problem to prevent re-occurrence.

Eressea shows compassion and empathy towards her patients and she enjoys educating her patients about their conditions so they are able to manage their own health effectively. She particularly enjoys treating chronic conditions such as long standing headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. In the future, Eressea plans to study Paediatric Osteopathy (osteopathic care of infants and children) and hopefully contribute to Osteopathic research in this area.

When she is not at work Eressea spends her time with her partner Matthew and her two young children, Jacob and Sophie.

Tegan Smith
B.App.Sc(Comp Med) MOsteo

Tegan Smith

Tegan graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Masters in Osteopathy.

Before joining the team at Western Region Osteopathy, she worked in Beumaris and South Yarra

Tegan is a friendly and compassionate Osteopath who enjoys treating patients of all ages, and a wide range of injuries. She has a special interest in neck pain, back pain and headaches. She treats all patients as an individual, and adjusts her treatments according to her patient's requirements.

Through many years of experience as a professional athlete, Tegan has developed a great knowledge of sporting injuries and rehabilitation. She enjoys treating all sporting injuries, and helping patients perform at their best.

In the future Tegan wants to study Animal Osteopathy, where she will be able to help cats, dogs and horses with musculoskeletal injuries.

Brad Van Ooi
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo

Brad Van Ooi

Brad graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary medicine - Osteopathy) followed by a Master’s degree in Osteopathy. His thesis investigated the effect of lateral ankle injury on the other joints of the lower extremity and low back.

Brad has a keen interest in treating sports related injuries and helping people return to health as quickly as possible. Additionally Brad enjoys working with patients who wish to take an active involvement in their own recovery.

Brad has recently returned from 18 months living overseas in both Colorado and Copenhagen. In his spare time you can find him playing football, golf, surfing or hanging out with friends.

Cherie Holland
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Cherie Holland

Cherie graduated from RMIT university with a bachelor of applied science (complementary medicine) and a masters of osteopathy.

Prior to joining the team at WRH, Cherie worked in Newcastle, NSW where she treated a wide range of patients of all ages. Cherie has worked with football clubs in the northern suburbs for the past 5 years. It was during this time that Cherie's interest in treating sporting injuries began. Cherie enjoys diagnosing, treating and managing a wide range of acute and chronic injuries.

Cherie enjoys treating patients of all ages and looks forward to tailoring a treatment and management plan for your individual needs.

Xanthe Cibis
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Xanthe Cibis

**Currently on maternity leave**

Dr Xanthe Cibis graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy.

While at university, Xanthe received a scholarship to study osteopathy overseas at the British School of Osteopathy and the European School of Osteopathy. While on the scholarship program, Xanthe learnt a variety of osteopathic techniques, from both British and French trained Osteopaths.

Xanthe has worked as a sport trainer for the Sydenham Hillside Sharks and as the Head Sports Trainer for the Williamstown CYMS football club. She worked with the players both on and off the field to manage their injuries with a wide range of techniques. She also implemented rehabilitation plans specific to the players’ injuries to ensure proper recovery was achieved, to get the players back on the field.

Xanthe treats a variety of different musculoskeletal conditions with hands on techniques including: soft tissue massage, articulations, muscle energy techniques, joint manipulations, and functional techniques. She believes that a holistic approach is the key to optimal recovery with the use of manual therapy, home rehabilitation exercises, and a healthy lifestyle.

Matthew Jakovljevic
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Matthew Jakovljevic

Matt completed his qualifications at Victoria University, where in his final year his efforts were rewarded by receiving the COCA award.

Matt's interest in the human body and osteopathy began as an adolescent searching for the answers to his own back pain. This has given Matt an understanding of how important it is to find and treat the root cause of people's pain.

He has a particular interest in treating chronic pain and runs Western Region Healths Persistent Pain Program. 

He uses a wide variety of osteopathic techniques and enjoys thinking outside the square. As well as using direct soft tissue and mobilization techniques, he employs some of the more gentle and indirect approaches when needed.

When not at work, Matt can be found persuing his passions of surfing or at the gym.

Camille Powell
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Camille Powell

Camille graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Masters of Osteopathy. Camille completed her master’s project on chronic pain and is currently hoping to have her study on chronic pain published in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine.

Camille is passionate about Osteopathy and uses a wide range of techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, dry needling and stretching to help her patients achieve the best results. Camille believes that tailoring treatment and management plans to individual needs is imperative in achieving optimal results.

Camille also has a keen interest in sport, having played netball for a number of years at a variety of levels she has been exposed to a range of sporting injuries. This has led her to develop a keen interest for rehabilitation and has undertaken further study in clinical pilates to further her knowledge in this area.

Outside of Osteopathy Camille can be found at Melbourne’s fresh food markets, looking for new and exciting recipes or hunting down Melbourne’s best restaurants. She also enjoys going to down to the coast and hometown Geelong to visit family and friends.

Breanna Wright
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Breanna Wright

Brea graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). Her Master’s thesis investigated the role of pain in relation to pelvic and lumbar movement in women. As a result, Brea is interested in and enjoys treating conditions in all aspects of women’s health including pregnancy and related post-partum pelvic pain.

Brea welcomes treating a wide range of patients, from the children through to the elderly - including office workers, athletes and tradesmen. Brea enjoys treating many musculoskeletal conditions, from sports injuries to postural problems. In particular, Brea enjoys assisting in the treatment of all types of headaches, neck pain and TMJ (jaw) pain.

Outside of work Brea is a competitive state league netballer and enjoys travelling, spending time with her friends and family and following the mighty Collingwood Magpies.

Basil Remboulis
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Basil completed his Osteopathic qualifications at Victoria University. He has also completed courses in Rock Taping and Dry Needling.

Basil continues to participate in numerous sports including football, tennis and weight training. His initial interest in Osteopathy started with his own sporting injuries and he now has a keen interest in treating these types of injuries himself.

In addition to treating the weekend warrior, he also enjoys helping with chronic conditions such as back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Along with hands on treatment, Basil believes that communication and education are also key parts of the patient's treatment. He believes this understanding and knowledge is what a patient needs to take an active role in their recovery, which in turn will produce the best long-term results.

Away from work, Basil loves an active lifestyle. Usually playing sport, at the gym or sneaking away to the beach.

Sarah Nugent
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Sarah graduated from RMIT and has spent time working in rural practice in Echuca. Sarah has a strong interest in the human body and anatomy which drives her passion to find the cause of the patients complaint and not just treat the symptoms.

Sarah is very caring and passionate about osteopathy. This led her to Africa where she volunteered in hospitals teaching physiotherapists osteopathy and patient management. Sarah enjoys treating a range of complaints with techniques such as massage, mobilization, muscle energy and fascial techniques. 

When not at work, Sarah is passionate about keeping an active lifestyle, where you will find her at gym or bootcamps and always finding new ways to exercise. Sarah also suffers from a mild addiction to netflix and documentaries and is always keen for the latest TV series.

Jack Williams
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Jack completed his Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Osteopathic Science at Victoria University. Since graduating he has worked at clinics in Ocean Grove and Anglesea. 

Jack's greatest satisfaction comes from helping people return to the activities they love; whether it's footy on a Saturday, a sowing group or just pruning the roses. He is currently training to become a Clinical Pilates Instructor through the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute and looks forward to utilising his new knowledge help his patients.

On the weekend, Jack enjoys surfing (and stacking) on the Great Ocean Road. He is also a keen runner.

Monica Zaksek
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Monica completed her Osteopathic studies at RMIT University. One of her highlights there was being given the opportunity to travel to India and treat as a student osteopath in a clinical setting at Sportsmed Mumbai.

She enjoys treating patients of all ages and recognises the importance of building a strong patient-practitioner relationship to get the best results. Treating the cause and not the symptom is a fundamental of her treatment.

You'll always catch Monica out and about as she can't sit still  for too long. Running, travelling, food, spending time with family and friends and having a good belly laugh are things she enjoys. One of her favourite times of the year is when Game of Thrones is released. 

Her take away message would be that your health is worth its weight in gold and is your most richest source of wealth- so take care of it!

Daniel Cabai
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Daniel graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy. His first experience with the profession began in his teens, attending regular osteopathic consultations for various injuries he received playing basketball.

Growing up Daniel has always had a keen interest in the human body, and particularly anatomy. This guides his treatments to try find the source of an individual’s pain, rather than just treating the symptoms. He is looking to further develop his rehabilitation skills in the future to assist patients with their management.

Daniel treats a range of both acute and chronic injuries, with a variety of techniques, including soft tissue, myofascial and articulation. When not working, Daniel enjoys staying active in the gym and catching up with friends.

Heath Neville
B.App.Sc(CompMed) MOsteo - OA Member

Heath completed his Osteopathy studies at Victoria University. Since gaining his qualifications, he has worked at clinics in both Queensland and Canada before joining WRH. 

Heath enjoys treating a variety of patients, with a special interest in sporting injuries, shoulders and headaches. Heath believes that if a patient has a clear understanding of their condition, this allows for better long-term results. 

When not in the clinic, Heath enjoys keeping active, a good movie and getting down to the beach whenever he gets the chance.

Callum Traynor
Double Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Callum graduated RMIT University with a double bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy). Since enrolling in Osteopathy his passion for helping people recover from their injuries and ailments has only grown stronger.

Callum has always had a passion for both helping people and sport, combining the two through surf life-saving and sports training for high level men’s and woman’s sport including AFL for over 5 years. These roles in the community have given Callum experience in a wide range of acute and chronic injuries. 

As an Osteopath, Callum believes that involving the patient in the treatment and an active recovery is essential for getting the patient back to the activities that they love. Callum has a keen interest in neck pain and associated headaches as well as a wide variety of sporting injuries. When Callum is not at work he likes to stay active by playing sport, hiking, hitting the gym or heading down to the beach.


Kelly Coppola
Double Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy)

Kelly graduated from RMIT University and has a keen interest in treating sporting related injuries as well as issues arising from a postural nature. She believes that the key to achieving and maintaining our health goals is through having a focus on rehabilitation and encourages her patients to have an active role in the management of their condition.
In Kelly's spare time you will find her walking and playing with her dog, in the gym or relaxing by the beach on a hot day.

Jarryd Crisp
Double Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy)

​Jarryd graduated from RMIT University, and has also completed a bachelor of health science degree at La Trobe University. He has a keen interest in sport and posture- related injuries. Jarryd loves to emphasise the importance of communication, and encourages the patient to be actively involved in their road to recovery through stretching and strength- based exercises. When he is not at work, Jarryd loves to keep active, and plays Cricket for Coburg in the Victorian Sub-district Cricket Association.

Rebecca Barry - Remedial Massage
Diploma of Remedial Massage

Rebecca completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Sage Institute of Massage.

Rebecca’s passion is to work with her clients to help them be balanced in body, mind and spirit. She loves helping people become pain free and improve their range of motion by using a holistic approach when assessing and treating to get the best result for her clients.

Rebecca can use a range of massage techniques for treating muscle dysfunction and the types of massage she provides are Remedial, Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Relaxation, Myofascial cupping, Hot Stones, Pregnancy.

Massage treatments have the benefits of reducing muscle pain, stress, anxiety and enhancing a calm mind, they also improve circulation, posture and joint flexibility.

Rebecca believes developing an excellent rapport with her clients is very important in helping work together to achieve optimal health whether the treatment be for relaxation or an injury.



Dr Jade Harries

Dr Shona Hunt

Dr Michael Mannix

Dr Eressea Cross

Dr Tegan Smith

Dr Brad Van Ooi

Dr Cherie Holland

Dr Xanthe Cibis

Dr Matthew Jakovljevic

Dr Camille Powell

Dr Breanna Wright

Dr Basil Remboulis

Dr Sarah Nugent

Dr Jack Williams

Dr Monica Zaksek

Dr Daniel Cabai

Dr Heath Neville

Dr Callum Traynor

Dr Kelly Coppola

Dr Jarryd Crisp

Rebecca Barry

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